Specialized Bikes

Cycling has become a popular sport lately. Aside from bicycles being a more environment friendly form of transportation, engaging in it is also healthy for the body as it provides a good form of exercise. Riding a bike as a form of transport also saves you from the discomforts of getting stuck in traffic. There is also the thrill of going on exciting trail adventures up a whole mountain, cross country, on a technical terrain, or on just a dirt road that makes the cyclist really pursue this sport with passion. Cycling enthusiasts usually go for specialized bikes when they go on their trail adventures.

Specialized bikes refer to a high end brand of bicycles that are specially designed for cyclists who want the style and comfort of using the right kind of cycling gear and equipment. Most of these cycling enthusiasts started out in this sport as kids and then ultimately became professional riders and racers like Sam Hill, winning various championships in the World Cup. Most cyclists also pursue this sport as a form of fitness regime to lose some weight or as a form of exercise.

Major Features of Specialized Bikes and their Kinds

One of the most popular specialized bikes is the mountain bike. It comes in two major categories: hardtail and full suspension. Hardtails are usually faster on a smoother road but may be tougher because it only has a front suspension as compared to the full suspension bike that provides a smoother and more controllable trail ride with its rear shock and front suspension. The mountain bike is usually built from strong materials like aluminum or lightweight carbon fiber in order to survive the different kinds of mountain terrains from the easy ones to the more diverse and technical terrain. Specialized mountain bikes are further classified into recreational bikes, cross country bikes, trail bikes, all mountain bikes, and gravity bikes.

Specialized recreational bikes with low standover are the kind of specialized mountain bike that is used by beginners.  For the extreme rider, the gravity bike may be for you as it is designed specifically for deadly terrains and tricks.

Another popular kind of specialized bike is the road bike. These specialized road bikes are made for use in paved roads and are normally used by athletes and fitness experts. These bikes have special features which include a varying steep climb and a fast descent. It is also has a lightweight alloy frame and is specially engineered for speed giving the bike an excellent aerodynamic geometry and structure. Categories under this kind of specialized bike include competitive road bikes, triathlon bikes, track bikes, endurance road bikes, cx/all road bikes, and recreational road bikes.

For the cyclist who bikes for the purpose of touring, daily travel, commuting, or transportation, the specialized recreational road bikes are highly recommended as they are built with comfort and flexibility in mind. Specialized road bikes are also the ones used on the urban street and park, and are best suited for street and park riding.

Pros of Using Specialized Bikes

Specialized bikes are made with high standards of durability and performance so these bikes are very highly recommended for every cyclist. The comfort of the cyclist was also put in mind when these bikes were made. Each bike is ergonomically designed for every type of body geometry with specially designed head tube to give the rider the most efficient and comfortable biking position.

One model of Specialized bike, the Stumpjumper FSR, is one of the top favorites when it comes to dirt jumping, street and park riding, specialized women biking, and other forms of trail biking. It has a low standover height, perfect for bikers with short legs and can be used for bikers who will be on a long travel. It has an advanced alloy frame made of s-works carbon that have been completely integrated with FSR suspension capable components.

Some Cons of Specialized Bikes

Perhaps one disadvantage of specialized bikes is their steep price. However, since they are of high quality, you would surely get high value for your money. There may be other disadvantages noted by bike users for a specific kind of material used for specialized bikes. Like for aluminum bikes, one may say that it is vulnerable to fatigue, has high rigidity, or it has reparability issues. Another may be for steel framed bikes wherein one user might say that it is heavy. However, these are normal for any material made of aluminum or steel or any other material for that matter.

It is highly assured, however, that specialized bikes were created with premium state of the art technology and is a product of years of research and testing. So whatever kind of biker you are, these specialized mountain bikes are sure to be the top of the line products giving you reliability at its best. So keep pursuing biking as a passion. Who knows, you might just be another Sam Hill in the making!

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