Specialized Enduro

Specialist Enduro

Once upon a time, the Specialized Enduro was the newie on the block, now it is one of the huge Specialized family of bikes. We’ll look at this year – 2010 model.

On the plus side it has been touted as being light years ahead of its predecessors, but to one reviewer it does not have the same clout as the “Why aren’t all bikes like this,” of earlier Enduro.   Quick answer to that. Enduro is one of many and now needs to have that extra little stand out element to put it back where it should rightly be.

Having said that, I’ll maintain that the Enduro is a brilliant bike and for those of you in the market for a lightweight bike with enough travel to take what mountain biking offers, Enduro is recommended, even in the tough competition of mountain biking.

Enduro is designed for trail riding and despite some negative reports, still delivers what it promises.

It’s a nice looking machine and depending what you buy, prices range from around $2000 – cheaper for pre-loved and superseded models.

That’s the 2010 model.  The 2011 has yet to be released and from reports promises to be a goodie.

Real life testing

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