Specialized Hardrock

The Hardrock

This All Terrain, old favorite has garnered some favourable reviews from new owners and upgraders alike.  One described the Hardrock “For Whoever You Are”.

If one is looking for a bike which says: “You.” It has to be the Hardrock – a bike which is tough enough to take what you want to give it.  Urban riding or for that tough outdoor trail, it’s hard and fast and rides with your moods.

Hardrock also has the old favorite – Sport.   Hardrock Sport is the one for zipping around town and ideal for its XC tasks.   One rider praised the gears and brakes and said that he’d recommend it to anyone.  As they say; word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

A tester said that the frame was so good it was worth buying the bike just for that.  Hardrock Sport is a bike that will take upgrading and indeed, a lot of bikers are doing that.

This, said one, is a top notch bike and many have said they would certainly recommend it to a friend.

For beginners and enthusiasts alike, the Hardrock and any of its family members should be on your ‘must have list.’   Hardrock a proud member of the Specialized family.


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